Bluetooth earphone B10 Bluetooth headset plug headset


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neutralTransmission range10 m
FeaturesVoice control, support for musicCustom processingYesPrint LOGOcan
Bluetooth protocol3.0ChannelstereoHow to use itWearing style

The headset has the following major features: 
① Bluetooth function: for mobile phone Bluetooth connection, the phone supports music player, answer and call function.


② with bass effect: the headset to support a variety of sound effects, so you can play to the extreme sound!Beyond your imagination!


 built-in battery: rechargeable battery can be used, music can be used for 5 hours or so, charging time of 2-3 hours, built-in direct charge, not removable.


 use: the phone Bluetooth function is turned on, while opening the headset Bluetooth, when the phone below the Bluetooth device to display the product model can be connected to the.



⑤ built-in card: support card, with a radio function