Honda HONDA CRV 2012 2013 headlights


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Trademark: The company’s trademark MIKI AUTO PARTS , or a trademark provided by the customer

2. Country of Origin: China Jiangsu Changzhou

3. Delivery: generally about two weeks, the number of large time appropriate to extend

4. Payment: 30% of the deposit, paid before delivery (you can pay by bank transfer or Alipay)

The company’s bank account, please contact the specific account, Alipay account:15312550115 (account name: Yun Xiaodong) Please check the postpaidpayment, thank you!

5.OEM number: 

6. Material: ABS & PC

7. Product color:

8. Unit: only

9. Packing: bubble bags or asbestos tape packaging, lamps are bubble bag packaging, other products, please contact the specific!

10. Single box size: CM

11. Single Box Quantity: 4 PCS

12. single box gross weight: KG

The main markets are Africa and the Middle East

Quality, price, service three is our business purposes, welcomed the major foreign trade companies inquiry and negotiate!