Goods bought on AsiaKonect cannot be returned. We therefore advice you are sure and satisfied  with the parameters of the items you are purchasing before making the order.



AsiaKonect will refund money on goods that have been lost during transit including shipping cost.

In case you do not receive your goods within the stipulated time given. Do not panic. Our support team is readily available to attend to you.

Do send us an email with your order number or call the numbers on the site directly and you will be graciously attended to.


AsiaKonect will not refund money on items that do not satisfy the customer as a result of size deficiency or quality dissatisfaction. Items bought on AsiaKonect are delivered as seen on the home site of the manufacturers.


From the day of order, it is estimated that your item will reach your home country within 14 – 20 working days excluding holidays. Most cases earlier. For custom products please contact us for shipping arrangements

Holidays in China do affect deliveries since all companies close down during these periods.

AsiaKonect will keep posting information on Holidays that may affect shipping duration.

In the case your purchase is not delivered within the stipulated date, do not panic. Send us an email or call the numbers directly on the site. Our support team will graciously attend to you.

Shipping Cost

Currently AsiaKonect is offering flat rates to all shipping locations between $10 – $32 per Kilogram. For items with total weights over 1kg, including packaging, additional shipping costs are charged. Please note such items as they are indicated with “Please note:” on the item detail page.

Please note that shipping costs are not charged over the the cost of items purchased but over the distance over which they are being shipped. Items shipping from China to the Americas and Europe are less expensive than items shipping over to places in Africa due to distance and availability of flight to those regions.

For very large orders, special shipping rates will be arranged .

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